About Learning to Travel

This is me.                                                  And this is my husband Daryle.

We’ve been married and talking about traveling more since 2002. Early in 2012, we took a long hard look at our dream of travelling and saw that while we were making a little progress, taking a few more trips, even getting out of the country on occasion, we were still a long way from what we were hoping for. And that’s when we decided we’d better stop hoping and start planning. So we did.

We decided that we’d leave on April 1, 2013 for an entire year of travel. We settled on an amount we thought we’d need to save to accomplish this and even posted a little chart to track our progress on our wall. In short we made laying the groundwork for this trip our primary goal for 2012.

Now, setting an ambitious goal of a one year round the world trip is all well and good and having an actual plan is a good first step, but actually preparing and stepping out the door, well that’s a very different thing. Sure, we’ve got our passports. We’ve taken a few short trips to Belize and Mexico. We’ve even ridden a handful of chicken buses. We also have a house with a mortgage, a cat, good jobs that we like, friends & family (that we also like) and nearly 40 years of accumulated stuff…each.

But we really want this experience, pretty much more than anything else. So we’re going to go for it and along the way we’re going to learn to travel. We’re going to learn to navigate countries where we don’t speak the language, eat things we’ve never heard of and stay with people we’ve never met before.

And we’re going to do our best to do it graciously and gratefully, really embracing life and all its experiences. I expect to be amazed, homesick, excited, scared, content and uncomfortable. possibly all within a 24 hour period. In the process, we hope we’re going to learn a lot about the planet we live on, the people we share it with and ourselves.

If you want to see how it goes or maybe glean a few tips on learning to travel yourself, we invite you to follow along right here as we prepare, take off and explore the world.


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