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About Learning to Travel

Take the vacation you’ve always dreamed of by learning how to travel the world safely and on any budget.

Hello and welcome to our little travel website. We are Joyce and Daryle Dickens and this is where we share everything we’ve learned about travel so that you can take that once in a lifetime dream vacation.

Enjoying a "sun-downer" while on safari in South Africa.
Enjoying a “sun-downer” while on safari in South Africa.

LearningToTravel.com was started in 2012 by Joyce so that she could share photos and updates with friends and family during the year of travel we began in early 2013.

AKA: The Epic Vacation!

On that year of travel we visited over 20 countries (23 to be exact) on 5 continents all the while having the time of our lives and creating a ton of great memories. It was basically a lifetime of vacations all taken on one trip.

We learned a lot about travel.

How to plan for it, how to make the most of the money we had, and how to get more out of every experience. So now we are on a mission to be a travel advisor to others on how to travel smarter so they can experience the joy and wonder of the world as we did. That is why this blog has evolved to share our travel knowledge.

AKA: Vacation Education

Right now we are back and living in Fort Collins, Colorado, regrouping and planning our next adventure (a visit to the Grand Canyon).


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Travel Is Easy

Never has it been more affordable or safer to travel the world. So whether you are just dreaming of distant lands or actively planning your next vacation we want to help. Sign up to receive our free travel newsletter which will teach you how to travel like an expert!

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