CouchSurfing CEO Is Twenty Year Tech Veteran Tony Espinoza

CouchSurfing CEO Announced

CouchSurfing  CouchSurfing announced today that they’ve hired Tony Espinoza as the new CouchSurfing CEO. Here is the statement from their website:

It’s been a crazy eight years since CouchSurfing launched. The community has grown beyond our wildest dreams. Throughout all of it, our job — and the job of the CouchSurfing team as a whole — has been to build systems that help you connect with the people you want to meet, as easily, safely, and engagingly as possible.

We’re proud of everything that we’ve accomplished, but we know we could be doing an even better job. That’s why we recently hired a new CEO, Tony Espinoza.

They also posted this video on YouTube to introduce the new CouchSurfing CEO:

Or if you have a few more minutes to spare you can check out a longer version:

The videos are nice but they only really hint at Tony’s background so I looked him up on LinkedIn to see if I could learn more. Let’s take a look at his career history before he was the CouchSurfing CEO:

December 2009 – November 2011 (2 years)
Vice President & GM
MTV Networks / Social Express (Responsible for social mobile across MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central.)

January 2007 – December 2009 (3 years)
President & CEO (Venture funded MMO surpased 6MM members prior to acquisition by Knowledge Adventure.)

2003 – 2007 (4 years)
SF Soundworks (Founded next generation recording studio and produced records with New Order, Alanis Morissette, David Gray, DJ Shadow, Radiohead, REM, Will Smith, Timbaland, Ice Cube, The Shins, Third Eye Blind, Kronos Quartet.)

January 2001 – December 2002 (2 years)
VP Product

April 1999 – August 2000 (1 year 5 months)
Vice President

1996 – 1999 (3 years)
VP Product (General manager of Scaled service to 7MM daily, 20MM monthly active users.)

1992 – 1994 (2 years)
Product Manager
Apple Computer (Newton Developer Tools & Platform.)

Not bad Mr Espinoza, not bad. Looking forward to seeing what you bring to CouchSurfing!

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