Milano – An Intro to Italy

Duomo Cathedral

After our less than ideal experiences in Morocco, our welcome to Italy could have have been better. We arrived in Milan, met up with our Couchsurf hosts, Mattia and Claudia and were welcomed to their home with a pasta lunch and a glass of wine. On our first day, we headed downtown and saw the […] Read more »

CouchSurfing CEO Is Twenty Year Tech Veteran Tony Espinoza


CouchSurfing CEO Announced  CouchSurfing announced today that they’ve hired Tony Espinoza as the new CouchSurfing CEO. Here is the statement from their website: It’s been a crazy eight years since CouchSurfing launched. The community has grown beyond our wildest dreams. Throughout all of it, our job — and the job of the CouchSurfing team as a […] Read more »