Long Term Travel Lessons And A North Korea Video

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When planning long term travel you need all the information, tips, and advice you can get. Thankfully these days there are many travelers sharing information via the web. An important part of learning to travel is seeking out those who’ve been where you want to go.

Since we’ve begun to focus on this goal of long term travel I’ve started my day by reading a handful of travel blogs. When I find particularly good and useful articles I’ll be sure and share them with you here on Learning to Travel. Here are a few to get the idea rolling:

Frugal Travel Guy has a nice piece with 5 ideas for making the most out of anywhere

I have found that it is possible to make the most out of anywhere.  All too much we are constantly chasing the next perfect vacation. Dreaming of that far away place, exotic terra, and exquisite cuisine. That is all fine and good but in doing so I found myself unhappy with life at home. Discontented with my current location I  adapted a way to make the most out of anywhere, here and yes, even there. I have been applying this at home as well as abroad and I have enriched my travels to places I thought were not very exciting at all. Lesson learned I will share with you.

No matter what your desires most places have something to offer everyone. Even if it is just a relaxing time away in a hotel room you can make the most out of anywhere.

1.) Learn about the place
Look up the city demographics, culture, climate, history, economy, local sports teams etc. Learning about the place makes it much more interesting and gives you some information for interesting conversations with those you are with. Also this usually gives you a heads up to what this place may have to offer you.

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Everything Everywhere’s Gary Arndt shares why traveling around the world taught him everything he needs to know

With all due respect to Robert Fulghum, you can learn a lot more traveling than you can in kindergarten. Here are some of the things I learned from traveling around the world for five years:

Be patient. You will experience flight delays, screwed up food orders and lost hotel reservations. Take it in stride. I once saw someone in Bali start yelling over what amounted to 10-cents. What was the point?

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Visual Traveling published this great video that gives us a unique glimpse into North Korea. It looks like a very pretty happy land that is stuck in 1956.

What lessons do have to share about long term travel?

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