Moroccan Architecture

Koutoubia Mosque

Going back to Morocco to share some architecture from the Bahia Palace, Saadian Tombs and Koutoubia Mosque – all in Marrakech. And a few Moroccan kitties.   Read more »

Venice – Italy’s Most Romantic City?


Next we were off to Venice by train. This 5-day trip to Italy was really just a case of making use of layovers. To get from Morocco to Istanbul we had to fly through Europe somewhere. Milan happened to be one of the cheapest options (thank you RyanAir) and Venice is just a hort train […] Read more »

Milano – An Intro to Italy

Duomo Cathedral

After our less than ideal experiences in Morocco, our welcome to Italy could have have been better. We arrived in Milan, met up with our Couchsurf hosts, Mattia and Claudia and were welcomed to their home with a pasta lunch and a glass of wine. On our first day, we headed downtown and saw the […] Read more »

Sahara Camel Ride

Camel Train

One of the challenges of travelling only by public transport is that we tend to see far more of cities than countryside. Since I’d consider myself a bit more of a country girl, this is a serious drawback. One decent way to experience more of the rural side of a country without renting a car […] Read more »

Morocco – The Good and the Bad

Morocco Spice Market

The medinas of Morocco are a vibrant and hectic places, where streets are narrow alleys between two and three-story buildings crowded with people and donkey carts. There are scooters noisily weaving in and out of this traffic and even the occasional car that barely fits. This was a huge change from our recent European wandering […] Read more »