Avocados – a local crop


This is a photo of a salad I was served at a restaurant in Guatemala. I just want to share it with everyone, because it came with 4 ENTIRE AVOCADOS! Even at my best, I have only ever been able to consume one whole avocado in a single sitting. (Note in the interest of accurate reporting that […] Read more »

Real Italian Pizza in Mexico

Pizza Venezia

We’ve been eating plenty of local “real” mexican food – tacos, fresh mangos, Corona and the like – but tonight we decided to go out for something different. We chose Pizza Venezia and I’m glad we did. We had a real brick oven pizza made by a real Italian and it was delicious! We are […] Read more »

Lyons Colorado Daytrip

Sometimes there’s not even a whole weekend to get away, but even a daytrip can do wonders. On a sunny Memorial Day Sunday, Daryle and I decided to jump in the newly acquired car for a trip up the road to Lyons, CO. Having not visited previously we weren’t sure what to expect, except that […] Read more »

Breakfast in Estes

I believe that breakfast is a critical component to your day and its important to start off on the right foot. In Estes Park there are a couple ways to go. If you are looking to start slowly sipping a latte by the river, Kind Coffee on the eastern end of town is your place […] Read more »

Ouray, Colorado

Motto: Switzerland of America Population: 813 What to love about Ouray? What not to love about this little mountain town. In my opinion this is some of the most beautiful country in the State hands down, along with one of the friendliest, most relaxed town’s we’ve visited. Surrounded by amazing scenery and year-round outdoor activities […] Read more »

Date #1: Croissants and Spring Snow

Since we spend a big chunk of our Colorado time in Fort Collins, I thought it would be fun to do a short series of posts on a few favorite dates here at home in Fort Collins. I’m aiming for a variety, daytime play in the mountains, evening on the town, you know, the whole […] Read more »

Johnsons Corner Truckstop Restaurant and Bakery

We woke up with the idea of cinnamon rolls. And when you wake up in Fort Collins Colorado with cinnamon rolls on your mind you have no shortage of “world class” cinnamon roll options. Up the road in Laporte Vern’s is a place know for them and in Old Town Silver Grill is the place […] Read more »

The Canon City Queen Anne

Fine dining is Southern Colorado means making reservations for high tea at The Canon City Queen Anne. I should tell you that before we made our visit to The Queen Anne I had no idea what “high tea” was about. And honestly I had visions of dainty porcelain cups, pinky fingers, and small portions of […] Read more »

Royal Gorge Route Railroad | Canon City

The Royal Gorge Route Railroad ranks at the top of the list in terms of romantic activities in the Royal Gorge Region. The 3-hour leisurely train ride along the beautiful and scenic Arkansas River can be combined with first class dining for a trip you won’t soon forget. Originally, this section of track was laid […] Read more »