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How Long Should Your Next Vacation Be?

sunset in south africa

How long should your vacation be? Long-term Travel vs. Short-term Travel How long is long enough? How long is too long? We took the “year off” trip many people talk and dream about. Our’s was actually a 14 month trip where we sold our house, our cars and most of …

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The 10 Keys Of Travel

10 keys to traveling the world

Are you a traveler that does not travel? Do you dream of visiting far away places, eating exotic food, making new friends, and having adventures that will create a lifetime of memories? You want to travel but the years keep passing by without any new stamps in your passport? I …

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Booking The Perfect Hotel Online

booking hotel online

Hotels are a big part of travel. And booking a hotel online gives you plenty of options to choose from. Sometimes the hotel is the destination and sometimes you just need a safe, clean, and quiet place to sleep before catching an early morning flight. For some travelers, a hotel …

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Finding Your Way

Sign Post

Arriving to a new city is exciting, confusing and potentially a bit anxiety-producing. However, a small bit of pre-arrival research and organization can go a long way in getting past the anxious part and on to the exciting part. We’ve arrived in more than enough cities mapless with only a …

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How to Stay Fit While Traveling

Brooks Pure Grit

Running I’ve always liked running for its lack of equipment and freedom of location. You put the shoes on and step out the door. But since I’ve been traveling, I’ve thought of a few more reasons why you should pack your running shoes when you travel: Running while traveling takes …

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City Discount Cards – Deal or Rip-off?

Tower Bridge

As we’ve travelled in Europe, we’ve found that most of the major cities will have some type of City Discount Card. The London Pass, I Amsterdam City Card, the Berlin Pass, etc. A lot of passes include public transport and more than once, we’ve found ourselves, tired from a long …

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Choosing a Budget Hotel

Inadequate Shower

After a particularly poor night’s sleep, here are my brief reflections on important things to notice when choosing a budget hotel in central America. While there are a handful of things you won’t be able to know in advance, (like, are there cockroaches? for instance), there are a lot of …

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How to Eat Cheap On the Road

Street Food in Flores

Since this blog is after all titled Learning to Travel, I thought I should start sharing things we’re learning along the way. Lesson 1: Learning how to eat cheap on the road. Look for where the locals eat. If the menu is in English and you are not in an …

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