Athens and Ancient Greece

Greek Acropolis

While we were sitting in France, planning this section of our trip, we had decided after Istanbul, we’d move on to Santorini, a place I’ve been wanting to visit since I saw that first photo. Since all flights passed though Athens and most had an obscenely long layover, we thought it would be worth staying […] Read more »

Impressions of Istanbul

Obelisk and Mosque

We weren’t really sure what to expect from Turkey. We had friends and fellow travelers who raved about Istanbul, but after Morocco we were a little leary. What we found in Istanbul was, in some ways what we originally expected in Morocco. The people were incredibly friendly and welcoming. The city is modern and cosmopolitan […] Read more »

Venice – Italy’s Most Romantic City?


Next we were off to Venice by train. This 5-day trip to Italy was really just a case of making use of layovers. To get from Morocco to Istanbul we had to fly through Europe somewhere. Milan happened to be one of the cheapest options (thank you RyanAir) and Venice is just a hort train […] Read more »

Sahara Camel Ride

Camel Train

One of the challenges of travelling only by public transport is that we tend to see far more of cities than countryside. Since I’d consider myself a bit more of a country girl, this is a serious drawback. One decent way to experience more of the rural side of a country without renting a car […] Read more »

Morocco – The Good and the Bad

Morocco Spice Market

The medinas of Morocco are a vibrant and hectic places, where streets are narrow alleys between two and three-story buildings crowded with people and donkey carts. There are scooters noisily weaving in and out of this traffic and even the occasional car that barely fits. This was a huge change from our recent European wandering […] Read more »

Impressions of France

France Collage

First, I love France! The French appreciate beauty, quality and enjoying life. When we arrived in Paris after being in cities in 15 other countries, we immediately felt that Paris and France in general, were different. Where many cities are an amalgamation of cultures, which actually makes them quite similar – Paris is French. The […] Read more »

A “Scottish” Day in Edinburgh

Bagpiper in Edinburgh

After returning to Edinburgh from the Highlands, there were still a few key “Scottish” thing we hadn’t experienced and I was determined to find some haggis and some bagpipes. As far as tourist attractions, the one thing everyone old us (Americans and Scots alike) was that Edinburgh Castle. We did and we agree. The structure […] Read more »

Impressions of England

And by England I really mean London, since that is where we spent our time. The first thing we noticed when we got to London was that it was a lot like the US. England, particularly London, is easy for an American traveler to navigate. That’s probably why it’s the #1 international travel destination for […] Read more »

V & A Museum

V & A Museum

While in London, we made a visit to the V & A Museum. We’d heard its amazing and a must-see. They call themselves the world’s greatest museum of art and design, but we still weren’t sure exactly what to expect. What we found were items from every art form imaginable created all over the world […] Read more »

Mary and the Beehive Huts

Mary & Tom Cruise

This is Mary. You might remember her from my post last week. There was so much more to say than could fit in a photo caption, that I thought, “she deserves her own post”. So here it is. Mary didn’t only meet Tom Cruise during the filming of Far & Away, he apparently really liked […] Read more »