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From Vacationer To Traveler

How we became World travelers

“No train today” the sign taped to the ticket window of the Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, train station stated. We’d just traveled 1402 miles (2257 km) from Cape Town, South Africa, via two overnight buses. A trip that involved over four hours at the South Africa/Zimbabwe border and we were exhausted. This …

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The 10 Keys Of Travel

10 keys to traveling the world

Are you a traveler that does not travel? Do you dream of visiting far away places, eating exotic food, making new friends, and having adventures that will create a lifetime of memories? You want to travel but the years keep passing by without any new stamps in your passport? I …

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Santorini – Part 1


From the port in Athens at Pireaus, we took an 8 hour ferry ride to the island of Santorini. Santorini is a place I’ve been seeing in photos for quite some time and every time, I thought “I have to go there.” You’ve probably seen those photos, they look something …

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Athens and Ancient Greece

Greek Acropolis

While we were sitting in France, planning this section of our trip, we had decided after Istanbul, we’d move on to Santorini, a place I’ve been wanting to visit since I saw that first photo. Since all flights passed though Athens and most had an obscenely long layover, we thought …

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Istanbul Highlights

Hagia Sophia

Some of the amazing things we saw in Istanbul. The Basilica Cistern – the largest of the ancient cisterns under Istanbul built by the Byzantine Emporer Justinian I in the 6th century.   The Hagia Sophia was built in 537AD as a Greek Orthodox Basilica and held the title of …

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Impressions of Istanbul

Obelisk and Mosque

We weren’t really sure what to expect from Turkey. We had friends and fellow travelers who raved about Istanbul, but after Morocco we were a little leary. What we found in Istanbul was, in some ways what we originally expected in Morocco. The people were incredibly friendly and welcoming. The …

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Venice – Italy’s Most Romantic City?


Next we were off to Venice by train. This 5-day trip to Italy was really just a case of making use of layovers. To get from Morocco to Istanbul we had to fly through Europe somewhere. Milan happened to be one of the cheapest options (thank you RyanAir) and Venice …

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Milano – An Intro to Italy

Duomo Cathedral

After our less than ideal experiences in Morocco, our welcome to Italy could not have been better. We arrived in Milan, met up with our Couchsurf hosts, Mattia and Claudia and were welcomed to their home with a pasta lunch and a glass of wine. On our first day, we headed …

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Sahara Camel Ride

Camel Train

One of the challenges of travelling only by public transport is that we tend to see far more of cities than countryside. Since I’d consider myself a bit more of a country girl, this is a serious drawback. One decent way to experience more of the rural side of a …

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Morocco – The Good and the Bad

Morocco Spice Market

The medinas of Morocco are a vibrant and hectic places, where streets are narrow alleys between two and three-story buildings crowded with people and donkey carts. There are scooters noisily weaving in and out of this traffic and even the occasional car that barely fits. This was a huge change …

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