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We are Joyce & Daryle Dickens and LearningToTravel.com is our travel website where we share inspiration and knowledge that can have you taking your dream vacation in about a year from now.

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You could be taking the vacation of your dreams
in as little as one year from today.

You want to travel. You love watching the travel shows and looking through all those glossy vacation magazines but travel is just too expensive. Not to mention the latest news headlines always make you wonder if it safe to travel.

Sure you’ve dreamed of lunch in Paris at a quaint cafe with the Eiffel Tower in view. Or maybe it is a beach in Fiji that you fantasize about? And just last week you read an article about an Alaskan cruise that sounded wonderful!

But how could you possibly afford it? Vacations and travel like that is for other people. It is better left for retirement or for the trust fund kids in their 20s.

Dream vacations are available to anyone. Even you! It does not take a winning lottery ticket or the passing of a rich uncle to make them possible. It just takes a little shift in how you think about travel and vacations. That little shift is what we like to teach here at Learning To Travel.

We’ve created a travel and vacation planning system that takes you step by step from dreaming to booking. We believe that with the right knowledge and inspiration you’ll have the confidence and tools needed to travel anywhere in the world you want to go.

Learn How Safe & Affordable Travel Can Be

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The more you know, the farther you can confidently go!

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