belize coffee house

We arrived in Punta Gorda, Belize after surviving a near death experience on a water taxi from Livingston, Guatemala (not kidding) and needed a place to relax and catch our breath before taking the bus to the Hokey Pokey water taxi (also not kidding.)

Very close to where the boat dropped off us we found the Driftwood Cafe which advertised espresso drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos, a welcome bit of familiar comfort. What you see in this photo is the machine used to craft such drinks.

Having a few years experience as a barista in Fort Collins, Colorado, I found this very amusing. That machine is designed for use in a home kitchen, not a commercial kitchen. But I do also appreciate making what you have work and that is exactly what the Driftwood Cafe did.

Our coffee and our breakfast there was a welcome treat, especially after almost dying on the open sea.

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