Today we took on the British Museum, a formidable task. However, the free admission takes the pressure off. If you have the time in town, you can spend a few hours and come back another day instead of turning it into a museum marathon. Too many of those is probably why I was not incredibly excited for our trip today.

But once I got inside, I was amazed. Often.

There is just so much there. I found myself thinking back to college Humanities textbooks and then looking around with a bit of envy at all the elementary school kids here on field trips seeing it all in person.

The museum really has an impressive collection representing the history of mankind. It is also a sort of testament to the power of the British empire. Some of these items are replicas, some, like many of the the Roman artifacts, were found here in the UK, but a lot were brought here when England ruled a good bit of the world.

Regardless, it is an impressive collection well worth seeing if you get the chance. Here is a sampling: