Escaramuza in Sayulita

Late last week we saw this banner appear in town.

Escaramuza in Sayulita

And we thought, “That looks fun. We should go.”

So, we set about trying to figure out exactly what this event was and where it would be held.

Turns out like most things here, the internet might help, but there will be an element of word of mouth required and it will probably test my Spanish comprehension.

But we did get there and this is what we learned and saw.

Escaramuza is an event that is often a part of a larger Mexican Charreada, similar to an American rodeo. Directly translated, escaramuza means “skirmish,” and has historical roots in the Mexican revolution.

An escaramuza team, is made up of 8 young women wearing beautiful, vibrant Adelita dress and their well-trained horses. Together, they ride intricately choreographed routines that include quick turns, pirouettes and often horses crossing paths in the center of the arena at high speed. Interesting to note, all of this is ridden side saddle.

It is a competition, and teams are scored according to the precision and difficulty of routines. The event we saw was among teams from 6 neighboring cities, including Sayulita. Unfortunately, I can’t really tell you who won, I’m not sure. But I can tell you we had a great time experiencing a new part (for us) of Mexican culture. One of the things I love most about Mexico is all the bright colors, no drab neutrals here. This event was no different, as you can see from the few photos below.