Mangoes are quite possibly the best food on the planet.

Just an opinion of course, but based on the few really good ones Daryle and I had managed to sample prior to our trip, we knew they had the potential to be quite amazing. And we were betting they’d be even better fresh.

Not only would they be better fresh, but there would be more of them. There are hundreds of varieties. Each tastes a bit different and only a few make their way to US supermarkets.

We’ve been sampling local fresh mangos as much as possible since day one in mango country back on April 1 in Sayulita. However, Daryle has been constantly thwarted on his mission to eat a mango straight from the tree.

So it was rather serendipitous that, only moments after climbing into the car of Salvador, our host in Gualan, Guatemala that he asked, “Do you like mangoes?”

Salvador proceeded to lead us out to his yard where the gardener picked one after another kind of mango, along with a few other fruits we’d never tasted. We sat on the patio carving and slurping up mangos until we were sticky up to our elbows and we could eat no more.

Thanks to our new friends – Mission accomplished.

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