My Heart Overflows

I am writing this while lounging in a hammock that is strung up next to the open air kitchen that is at our cabin in Sayulita Mexico. It is sunny, it is warm, there is a slight breeze, and a variety of tropical birds sing in the trees.

In respect to how I am accustomed to spending my days this is quite surreal especially when I stop and think that this is just day #2 of a yearlong adventure.

My heart overflows with gratitude that I am able to do this.

The final months, weeks, and days of leaving our home of ten years in Fort Collins where very hectic and busy. There was just so much to be done in order to get ready for this trip. So much in fact that it would not have been possible without help from others.

I am humbled by just how much support and help we received from friends and family.

And I do hope that everyone who did help knows how much we appreciate the assistance they gave us. As we travel I will work to find ways to help others as well as show gratitude to those back home.

For now I will just say “Thank You” to those who helped us and continue to help us as we deal with the final details remotely.
(You know who you are.)