Our Year Long Vacation Plan

Since we started sharing the news of our year long vacation plan the number one questions we’ve been getting is “where all are you going?” So I thought that was a good topic for the first issue of The Dickens Dispatch.

As I write this we have 59 days left until we leave. Joyce is on the recovery end of pneumonia and our house has been on the market for 8 days now. I am tired after a long week of taking care of a very sick wife and keeping a house ready for showing. I am very ready for the trip to begin.

It Begins In Mexico

Getting ready for a year of travel is a lot of work and a tad stressful so we thought it would be good to spend the first month relaxing in a small Mexican village on the Pacific coast. After that first month in Mexico we are going to head further South to Belize and spend a month there. After Belize the plan is to head to Africa and this is where the plans are still a bit grey.


We’ll fly either into South Africa and head North over time with the goal of getting to Kenya. Or we’ll fly into Nairobi with the goal of working our way down to South Africa. We need to get to South Africa because last year we bought a safari at a Matthews House charity live auction. However we end up exploring Africa our goal is to end in Morocco. From there it is on to Europe.


In Europe we hope to visit the usual suspects such as England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany (for Oktoberfest), Ireland, Greece, and Austria. As well as some less popular tourist destinations like Latvia, Slovakia, and maybe Turkey. Our time in Europe is constrained by the three month limit on Europe’s Schengen Visa. From there it is East to…?


This is where our plans are not really plans at this point. They are more of an idea. We know we want to experience parts of Asia just not exactly sure where exactly or for how long. We’ll figure it out as we go.

Open To Everything

So there you have it. That is our plan so far but most of it is still written in pencil and could be changed at anytime. The only thing set is the flight to Mexico and the house we’ve rented for the month in Sayulita.

For me this trip is about exploring this planet I share with my fellow man and being open to what the road has waiting for us. I do plan to share with you more my philosophy and thinking behind extended travel but for now I just wanted to give you an idea of our itinerary.

That my friends is our year long vacation plan!