Leaving for year of travel.

leaving-for-year-of-travel“Do you have return tickets?” came the question from the woman at the Frontier check-in counter. “No” I answered, ‘in fact we do not’ I thought.

I thought back 4 months to when I bought these tickets, the very first stake in the ground for our trip. I could hardly contain my excitement, wanting to tell anyone and everyone. It was all I could do not to announce on Facebook, “I just bought one-way tickets to Mexico!” But our plans were still firmly under wraps at that point and a public announcement not yet appropriate.

Over the last few months though, we’ve been able to share our plans (which I’ll detail a little more in a near future post) with many and have received almost exclusively excitement and encouragement.

Now, our last “see you later’s” have been said, our house has been emptied and tidied up for its new owner and all our remaining possessions stowed in the corner of a generous friend’s basement. I’m sitting at DIA, about to get on that plane to Puerto Vallarta and wondering what the next year will hold. I have very little idea really, which is both exhilarating and terrifying. I can’t remember the last time I really didn’t know what tomorrow would look like.

And I’m excited to get going and find out!