Rio Dulce Guatemala
rio dulce Guatemala

Today we  caught a little boat up the river to The Roundhouse, a highly rated hostel located about 20 minutes up the Rio Dulce. We chose to sleep in Livingston on this trip, so didn’t actually stay at The Roundhouse, but we were looking for a base upriver to kayak a bit and I’d heard about the Rio Dulce canyon and wanted to see what that was about before we head back to Belize tomorrow. It was easy to arrange for them to pick us up, rent us a kayak and drop us back in Livingston in the afternoon.

It was definitely worth the trip and as soon as we left town and turned up the river it was like we entered a different world. It was a canyon for sure, but unlike any I’d ever seen. There were steep rock walls, but they were barely discernible beneath the dense jungle. From The Roundhouse, we rented a kayak and paddled upstream a bit further to explore and search for Agua Caliente, a hot spring on the edge of the river. We did find it and it was hot alright.

Back at The Roundhouse, we had some lunch and hammock time and then a neighbor ran us back to town.

This trip was the perfect thing for our last day in Guatemala. I’ve been feeling ready to move on the last day or so and I notice this happens when we spend more than a few days in one place. But one little excursion around the corner was like a new world and I’m feeling renewed. I’ll be sad to be leaving Guatemala tomorrow, but I’m equally excited to be headed back to Belize.

We leave at 7am, take a boat, a bus and a water taxi and meet our Couchsurf host at the Barefoot Bar in Placencia – sounds like an ok day to me:)