Robberg Nature Reserve and Marine Protected Area

Yesterday and today, we’ve enjoyed the first real hikes of our trip. Luckily the weather has been gorgeous and winter in South Africa has turned out to be quite nice. Its a lot like spring in Colorado, in the 60s and 70s during the day and around 40 at night. Interestingly, we’ve found that very few places here have heat. We’ve been lucky that our last guest house had a space heater and this one has an electric blanket. This is only the first month of winter here, so it seems a little overconfident to me not to even install heating, but it must work out.

Today we went for a 10k hike in Robberg Nature Reserve. I was excited that the peninsula the park is on advertised a seal colony and I was not disappointed. We also saw a few whales and  a couple dolphins. And wildlife aside, this was a beautiful and challenging hike. We’ve been doing a lot of driving the last week and it was really nice to be out walking again.

Here are some photos: