Safari Camping in Tsavo, Kenya – August 2013

Lions Bluff Lodge. located above the 125,000-acre Lumo  Community Wildlife Sanctuary (where we saw the lions) has an award-winning lodge. In fact it’s the only property I’ve ever seen with a 99% thumbs up on Tripadvisor. Its not unreasonable for a safari lodge, but a little pricey for our budget. However, as an unusual addition, they also offer the Cheetah Campsite, perfect for those who want a safari experience but with a smaller pricetag. We rented a comfy canvas tent and bedding and it was all set up and waiting when we arrived.

safari camping at Lions Bluff Campsite

Safari Camping

But somehow when we booked this campsite for 3 nights we were picturing the lodge much closer, maybe just a very short walk up a path, where we could pop by for dinner or drinks in the evening. When we arrived, we discovered that in reality the campsite was quite remote. Amazingly beautiful and peaceful, but also 10-20 4WD minutes from the lodge.

safari camping Cheetah Campsite - Lions Bluff

So we got a real honest-to-goodness chance to camp out in the African bush. We saw elephants. I imagined lions. It was both terrifying and wonderful. Certainly an altogether new and different camping experience.

Safari camping also offered us an affordable way to go on one more African safari as the price of the campsite was much less than the price of the rooms in the lodge. Sure the bathroom and the showers where not as nice but the experience was one we will never forget. In fact we hope to return and do it again one day as it was probably one of the most unique camping experiences we’ve ever had.

How about you? Where have you camped that is a bit unusual? Have you done any safari camping? If so please let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear about it.