Schleißheim palace complex statue

Munich was on our must visit list because Oktoberfest was on our must experience list. We stayed 13 km north of Munich via CouchSurfing in the town of Oberschleißheim.

A very short walk from the flat we were staying at was the Schleißheim palace complex which is basically an old mansion that begin life when Duke Wilhelm V of Bavaria (1548-1626), who in 1597 purchased the isolated moorland farm of Schleißheim with its St Margaret’s Chapel for a large sum of money from the Freising Cathedral chapter.

In the period from 1598 to 1600 Wilhelm had an estate and a manor built within the complex, which was surrounded by small hermitages and forest chapels. The duke, who had no intention of altering the character of the property as a farm, extended its activities with a stud farm which supplied his stables. Schleißheim beer and Schleißheim cheese were produced. Attracted in particular by the profits from the farming business, Maximilian I (reigned 1598-1651) acquired the complex from his father in 1616 in return for a life annuity.

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