Life in Belize
life in belize

One of the great benefits of Couchsurfing or staying with locals in some other fashion, is the chance to do things tourists just don’t have anyway to know about or get to.

For instance, yesterday, we spent the day at a waterfall/swimming hole in the mountains, about 45 minutes outside Placencia. We are totally reliant on public transportation, so even if we knew about the waterfall, there’s no way we’d have gotten there. (There was definitely 4 wheel drive involved.)

Not only did we get to go somewhere amazing, driving through orange groves and banana plantations in the back of a pick-up but we got to meet some new, interesting people. We could have seen a waterfall and gone for a swim, by taking a tour, we got to experience a slice of life in Belize. And to us, that is what this journey is about.