Noir when she first appeared at the Dickens' residence

Noir when she first appeared at the Dickens’ residence

After hearing about our trip plans for the first time, the question uttered by many of our friends has been “What about the kitty?” (They would ask about the lizard as well I assume, but apparently I don’t talk as much about Gus.)

Very valid question…and perhaps the hardest of the planning process to be quite honest.

Four and a half year’s ago, this cute little starving kitten showed up in our backyard.

She started off by scarfing down a half dozen extra hot dogs and hamburgers left out after a BBQ several days earlier. For weeks, every day we’d wonder if that cute little kitten would show up and every day, she did. Until finally, as the weather turned a little colder we made it official. We named her, stuck her trusting little self in a box and took her to get fixed and vaccinated. Now, after over 4 year’s as a valued part of our family, it is indeed hard to think about not having her around. And  harder yet to not feel like, no matter what we do, we’re abandoning her. So believe me, I’ve thought long and hard about suitable families for her and then asked the best I could imagine.

Noir now

Noir now

Thankfully, after a lot of thought and family discussion, they said yes. This weekend, we’ll be making the 8 hour drive with Noir to her new home in Kansas. Although I expect there will be a bit of an adjustment, I think Noir will really enjoy living with Jen, Chad, 4-year old Lilli…and their 3 cats. Although, it will be really hard to let her go, I can’t imagine feeling better about where she’ll be.

For those interested, Gus the leopard gecko has also found a respectable new home that I feel good about. Recently, Gus became the favorite birthday gift of an 8-year old boy who has already learned far more about him than I ever knew.

One more big step, letting Noir go this weekend, but huge peace of mind comes from having excellent homes for the critters.

Gus the Leopard Gecko

Gus the Leopard Gecko

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