Traveling Mode

On top of all the incredible animal experiences we had during our week on safari, we haven’t had to plan a thing. With meals and two game drives a day included, the extent of decisions made was which excursions to go on and what time to schedule my pedicure. After some of our budget hotels in Central America, our room here was heaven.

Now, we’re back on the road and in traveling mode, with a rental car and 13 days to drive to Cape Town. We’re still figuring out the budget for South Africa, some things are cheaper than anticipated and certainly cheaper than the US, but the lodging is definitely more expensive than Central America (although so far the quality is better too).

This part of the trip is the fastest we’ve traveled so far, so we’re needing to plan and book a bit further ahead. I spent several hours last night researching our route, reading the guidebook and contacting and booking hotels. This is an ongoing process on this trip and a balance between having everything planned out and set in stone and being able to make things up as we go. We like to make things up as we go and leave room for unanticipated exploring, but we also like to know where we are sleeping tonight.