Enjoying one of the most common Belizean modes of transport

This blog is about to make a bit of a shift, much as its authors are about to make a shift. Previous posts focused on things to do and experience nearby, mostly in our home state of Colorado.

Going forward, I intend to broaden the scope and the range in an attempt to really embody the Learning to Travel name. While there will still be things to do and experience, they’ll be worldwide. And I’ll be looking to include more of the mindset, emotions, and nuts and bolts of learning to travel as much as the specific locations and attractions.

I feel like this should flow pretty naturally, since my husband Daryle and I will indeed be learning to travel ourselves over the next year. We’ve been learning slowly for years on little trips, but we’re about to dive in in earnest. On April 1, we’ll be getting on a plane to Mexico, marking the beginning of our one-year-round-the-world trip.

On this blog I certainly plan to talk about what we’re doing and where we are. I also be plan to talk about who we meet, reflect on what we are learning and probably think outloud about how the trip is changing our perspectives.

I’ve thought a lot about my personal goals and purpose and what I am passionate about over the past year. I think what I’ve come up with applies both to my life in general and to what you can expect to find here over the next year. Its certainly a work in progress, but here it is:

My desire is to experience, appreciate and share the world, preferably in a way that makes it better. Specifically I want to experience the variety the world has to offer, identify similarities and appreciate differences. Then I want to share my experiences in the hopes that they remind me and encourage others to look harder for what is beautiful and inspiring in the world.

This is my first blog, most of the previous posts on this site were written by Daryle, who’s a pro at this. So I’ll also be learning to blog as I learn to travel. I hope you’ll join me on the adventure.

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