You know you’re in Mexico when…

Whether you love it or hate it, there are a few things that take a little getting used to.

The roosters crowing at all hours,

a cacophony of bird songs,

chickens running everywhere,

music played loud enough for the entire neighborhood to enjoy all day long,

trucks with loudspeakers driving through the neighborhood selling tomatoes, tamales or propane,

and the dogs.

There are dogs everywhere…the most uber-relaxed creatures you will ever meet. They pay you little mind and do their own thing, which is mostly sleep – wherever the heck they want.

This is one of our neighborhood critters. We see her every time we leave the neighborhood and I’ve rarely seen her on her feet. She’s usually crashed out on the side of the road. Today she reached a new level of relaxed that I thought deserved a photo. Even though I was two feet away taking this picture, she never even stirred.

I love it all!

you know you're in Mexico